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Fitness Class Testimonials

Fitness Class Testimonials

What do class members have to say about Wildwood’s Total Body Bootcamp???

“I like that the class is quick, thorough, efficient, and effective. The daily variety keeps it challenging, but not confusing or frustrating. My muscle tone, stamina, and strength have increased significantly in just a few short weeks.

– Emily Roussel

“I haven’t done many workouts that both challenge me and are fun and easy to follow. This program has a lot of variety of effective moves, makes you sweat, and brings real results. I saw almost an immediate increase in strength and my tennis game has improved, as well. Thank you, LeAnn!”

–Magdalena Angelova

“Since high school gym class thirty years ago, I have gradually lost upper body strength, endurance, and overall muscle mass by not maintaining a regular work-out routine. In just three months of training with LeAnn, she has helped me reverse the negative effects of a three-decade, sedentary lifestyle. I feel the difference when playing tennis and horseback riding. Our strength and cardio training have improved my agility and stamina on the court as well as the balance and symmetry needed to connect with a horse. Elsewhere, I notice enhanced memory, less fatigue by end of the day, and improved sleep patterns. I continue to be inspired and motivated by LeAnn from each session. Many thanks to her; she has recharged my desire to improve my health and has bestowed a positive difference in my life.”

–Natalie Wells

“I’ve noticed a big improvement in my balance, core strength, and overall strength. The workouts are fun and leave me feeling energized. LeAnn is a positive, motivating instructor and I highly recommend her class.”

–Kelly Ray

“I love the combination of cardio and toning. I feel like I am getting a full body workout everytime.”

–Mary Partee

“I consider LeAnn’s class ‘aging prevention.’ Time goes fast working on cardio and core, building muscle with weights…and those push-ups! I feel stronger.”

–Debbie Brannon

“I started LeAnn’s class around 9 months postpartum in order to try to get into shape. I had no core strength in the beginning, and I was tired after classes for the first couple weeks, but I soon had more core strength and energy. Every class is fun, helpful, and a judgment-free zone!”

–Alicia Sellers

“Love coming to this class every week! This is the first time that I have consistently stayed with a fitness class and I actually get upset when I can’t make it. LeAnn provides such a supportive and non-judgmental approach to her teaching and is always there encouraging us. I have definitely seen results, have more energy, and can’t wait to see what the New Year brings!”

–Erin Huffman

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