Womens Leagues

Competitive Fun Social Interaction Team Building Training Required


Our Women’s Points leagues have been a favorite at Wildwood for many years. Both singles and doubles are offered.

Formerly known as Tuesday and Thursday Team Tennis, the Points League offers a well-rounded opportunity to play several players.

Matches will be scheduled for you. Points per person will be accumulated each day you participate. Prizes will be awarded to the 4 highest participants every quarter (8 weeks approximately) throughout the tennis season.

Points will be designated as follows:
1 point – participating • 1 point – winning a set • .5 – a split set at time

Points will be tracked weekly and posted on the “Points Race” bulletin board. You will be able to follow your
progress weekly in the league. You will be rotated each week with a variety of players and partners. Singles and
doubles will be at your request. Subs may be used, but will not accumulate points.

Tuesday               2.5-3.0                 10:30 – 12:00 pm              $72 month

Thursday             3.5-4.5                  10:30 – 12:00pm               $72 per month

Thursday             2.5-3.0                  6:00 – 7:30 pm                   $72 per month

Win prizes through participating in the “Points Race” Women’s Leagues.

Prizes to win: Private lesson, group lesson, cardio pass, racquet stringing, overgrips, tennis balls, WRC logo wear, complimentary
beverage pass to The Courtside and more.

Contact: Alexa VanOsdol (avanosdol@wildwoodracquetclub.com)

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