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The Longest Rally Event

The Longest Rally Event

The first annual “The Longest Rally” event took place at Wildwood Racquet Club April 26th.  The money raised from this event will go towards the construction of a pavilion at the new Southwest Jimmy Clark Community Tennis Center.

 The Longest Rally event was divided into five divisions: Red Ball, Orange Ball, Green Ball, Middle School and High School.  All division were given an opportunity to have the longest rally by: having all rallies bounce once on each side, no volleys and how many hits the two players could make in an hour. 

In the inaugural year the following were awarded medals and will have them name placed on a permanent plaque. 

2015 Winners by Division

Red Ball:                               Hensley Ruston                                               10

Orange Ball:                        Stellan Ruston                                                   40

Green Ball:                          Not held

Middle School:                  Timothy Steiner/Daniel Gilbert                  1025

High School:                       Will Mine/Thomas Weir                                408


Congratulations to the participants and volunteers!

We look forward to hosting the Longest Rally Event again in the future!


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